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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 8, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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happening now, marin county firefighters are on the scene of a two alarm fire at george lucas' sky walker ranch. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. firefighters were called to the home of lucas to fire a chimney fire at his ranch. amber lee is standing just down the road to tell us what happened. >> reporter: we're on lucas valley road and sky walker ranch is just up this way.
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i just got off the phone with batallion chief, he told me he received the call at around 54:00 this afternoon -- 5:34 this afternoon. from sky high chopper 4 we can see how beautiful the ranch is with different buildings. the fire appeared to have started from the area of a fireplace on the first floor. sky walker ranch firefighters responded first. that's the latest from here reporting live in san rafael, amber lee ktvu channel 2 news. now to tonight's election coverage. first to san francisco where the race for mayor feature as
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little bit of everything include -- features a little bit of everything featuring 16 candidates and rank choice voting system. ed lee leads with votes followed by john avalos then dennis herr era. it does not appear lee will have the 50% margin he needs to avoid triggering the ranked choice system. we have team coverage tonight from around the city. we begin with ktvu's david stevenson. he's live at ed lee's election coverage. >> reporter: i'm actually standing outside the restaurant in a moment. more on that in a moment. about a half hour ago, mayor ed lee essentially declared victory on this with more results to be coming in. but essentially he said that the city wants more of what his administration has had to officer. here is a look at more video we shot from inside. you can see supporters, ed lee
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family's joining him on stage as people celebrated the early results coming in as you mentioned. the mayor's appearance came after those early results indicated he had obtained about 30% of the mail in ballots. but again not quite enough to avoid triggering the other process that's going to take place in this with ranked choice voting. joining us right now out in the parking lot at the victory party is mayor ed lee. we want to thank you for making time for us. you ended upcoming out here because there was quite a bit of crowds with reporters a lot of questions pressing you earlier. let me talk to you a little bit about the results. you indicated this seems to be a sign that the voters say that you have a mandate to continue with some of the policy you all have implemented so far. >> it shows a very strong direction. i want to represent the voters we still have ranked choice and we still have the final vote
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count. but all the final demonstrations is that the public wants the work that we're doing and that's job creation, economic growth and that's what our campaign has been about. i'm very humbled and proud of the results i've been seeing. >> reporter: you took time to thank all the other candidate that is ran as well too. do you believe you all will be able to work together as you go forward. >> i'm very confident we will. we had meetings even during the campaign where we met with ourselves and each other and said, whatever happens on the campaign is one thing but when it comes to city business we will work together. i know that all of us have the interest of the city at stake. i'm ready to go roll up my sleeves tomorrow and get to work with them. >> what do you think the ranked choice process will mean going forward in terms of looking at the next candidates behind you. >> the last few weeks have been
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an indication that voters are a little confused whether their voices might be diluted. i think if we're going to have ranked choice we have to get rid of any degree of fear. and give the voters the confidence that their vote will be what they want. >> and you told us tomorrow will be the day to go to work. as far as homelessness and joblessness. >> i know at the heart of the occupy movement and i've talked with the organizers for this, everybody wants jobs and i know that creating more jobs in san francisco is going to be a key. not all the answers but a key to not only for the whole occupy movement. and i know the city is going to balance this budget and i'm going to help do that and make sure that we also have a pension reform that i hope wins tonight too because that's going to save us a lot of money and our general fund will be
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protected. >> mayor lee, thank you very much for joining us outside your victory party. we'll check in with you a little later on. the results are still coming in. people are inside watching the results and we will see how things change within the next 20 to 25 minutes or so. ranked choice voting will come into play and that'll be something that people are watching for the preliminary results. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. turning now to the race for san francisco district attorney where the current d.a. george gascon has a solid lead. gascon is up against david onek and sharmin bock. right now gascon leads with 44% of the votes. it is a close race for san francisco sheriff. ross mirkarimi has 36% of the
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vote followed by paul miyamoto and chris cunnie with 28%. each are hoping to replace mike hennessey. with the ranked choice system we may not have official results for a few more days. jana katsuyama live at the department of elections now in city hall where right now ballots from the precinct are continuing to come in. >> reporter: we are right here where the ballots are being sorted. the voter turn out is about 24% so far. surprisingly low. now about an hour ago. officers began arriving here at city hall with the bags from the polling site. these have the electronic chips from the counters and counters. the physical ballots are taken to another site. the ballots this year are only two pages that's compared to five pages last november. so the tabulation process this
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year will be much faster. the lines were not very long, we saw it was a lower turn out from last year where turn out was 50%. as for that choice ranked voting, tonight they will process all of the first choice votes if no one receive it is majority as it appears ed lee so far is falling short in the mayor's race then they will begin the process of ranked choice early tomorrow morning. that's just about six hours from now. >> 4:00 tomorrow we'll do a results report. that will be the first time that we run the ranked choice rhythm on the votes that we have. >> an under the ranked choice system the last choice candidate is eliminated and those voters second choice will be counted. it continues until one of the candidates reaches a majority. and the director tells me that for the first time this year they do plan to stay here at city hall all night and try to process as many of the ballots as they can possibly until 6:00
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or 7:00 in the morning. just to see if they can speed this process through as quickly as possible. reporting live from city hall, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. at today's board of supervisors meetings, two san francisco lawmakers proposed a charter amendment to get rid of ranked choice voting. >> massive numbers of san franciscans continue to be confused. >> critics say ranked choice is flawed because it allows someone to win office without first choice. the idea was to save money by avoiding run off elections and joining us now is cory cook. he's a faculty member at the university of san francisco where he teaches politics. cory do you expect ranked choice to play a role in tonight's races. >> absolutely i think we're
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going to see all three races to come to ranked choice. it looks like it's down to about a 13 point margin. the oakland raced the margin between ron parada with nine points and ended closer to jean quan winning with 11 points over all. a margin of 9% is significant but it'll be a couple of days before we see the results. >> with a lower turn out does that make the chinese vote even more important here. >> i think there's been a report that showed a lot of energy in the chinese american community in this election. i think we're looking at some where probably between 1/5 being chinese americans. that is a big block in this election. >> what about the race for sheriff to replace mike hennessey. right now it's still early but
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it's almost narrowly split 30% to 28% for each of the three candidates. is this surprising at all that it's so close? >> no i think there are a lot of undecided voters. i think as voters are looking at this, this is going to be expected that there's going to be a tight race between the candidates. there's a big lead in the candidates that are second and third. that race in my prediction will be too close to call until friday. it'll be a close race while they continue to count the ballots. >> we will let you get back to checking those results and we will talk to you a little bit later in this newscast, thank you cory. >> thank you. here is a live look now at an election night party at the
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palace hotel in san francisco. the host is brown, he's been out of politics for a while but still has a guiding hand in san francisco politics. our election coverage continues until 12:30. we will be watching the latest election returns and update you on the mayors race in san francisco. we'll also be watching mayors races and sales tax measures throughout the bay area. less than 30 minutes ago, school officials here in the east bay took a controversial vote on a proposal for a charter school. the reasons they just denied the application. also a puppy stolen from an adoption center just hours before it was supposed to go to a new home. the description of the dog nappers and the reward that's now being offered. and herman cain's defiant declaration following allegations of sexual harassment from four women.
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we have updated numbers just in on the race for mayor in san francisco with 94% of the precincts now reporting, ed lee's numbers have just dropped to 32%, that is not enough for the race to go into ranked choice voting. we have just learned that a position for a charter school has been denied. heather holmes is now live in concord where the school board
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has just voted about a half hour ago. >> reporter: application denied and a vote of 4-1. school officials here shot down a proposal to turn a claim valley high into a charter high school. if you take a look behind me, you can see this place cleared out quickly after the vote with many people leaving disappointed. as teamed tried out today for the high school basketball team. the school board was waiting to see if the board would try out something new. the board will take a vote to see if the school could become the first charter school. >> families have to make a
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decision. >> reporter: clayton valley would operate independly from the district made of a board made up of staff, parents and community members. >> we feel the district has taken too much of a top heavy approach and each individual fight is not getting what they need. so we want to take clayton valley and really raise the bar for students. >> over stated bid approximately $533,500. >> reporter: but tonight district staff put tolls on the charter application questioning the financing and educational program. the board argued they met the 50 conditions set by the district and want the opportunity to forge their own educational path. >> please give us a chance we know this can work. >> reporter: but district officials they disagreed. after all the district stands to lose about $1.7 million if that school is turned into a charter school. that's because charter schools require more funding per student and it's the district that is forced to make up the difference.
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supporters though tonight say they are not giving up. they plan to appeal to the county board of education. reporting live tonight here in concord, i'm healther holmes, ktvu channel two news. san francisco's spca says someone stole a puppy today just hours before the animal was to be adopted. an spca spokeswoman says 2 -month-old james was taken by a couple described as latino with a child. the group is offering a reward for the puppy's safe return. a new video has surfaced of the occupy san francisco protest and you can get a different look at the protest. painting with buzz thrown at an officer as he was trying to control the crowd. there were two clips from a
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chest medic camera. the video was released at ktvu following a california public records request. you can find all of the videos on our website go to and then click on the occupy protest link near the top. another call from oakland mayor jean quan to negotiate a peaceful agreement. it read in part, oakland is a city of the 99%. while we support the call of broader participation in political and economic democracy, we cannot ignore violence. and new add 10:00, ktvu's sal castaneda tells us many business say they are struggling because of occupy oakland. >> reporter: business was brisk today at b restaurant but the
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recession has been a challenge some haven't been able to survive. and now some say the occupy oakland movement may drive them out of business. >> we are part of the 99%, we support a lot of what we're hearing from occupy. so to say we want them gone it's tough because we don't want them gone but we don't want our business to be negatively affected. >> reporter: frank ogawa plaza remains covered with tents but officials say what is going on here is not that close to business here but merchants say it's still having an effect. >> really i think it's more of a perception thing more than everything. >> it's scaring people so they don't want to come to downtown oakland. for businesses that are already struggling this is something that could really push them under. >> reporter: many city council members say they are frustrated with what they call the mayor's lack of leadership. >> this mayor has completely failed on dealing with this problem. so now i think that what i'm looking at is for the city
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council to take some action. >> reporter: this woman just hopes one of her favorite restaurants will survive. >> it will be better if the occupy protesters would focus on big corporations and stop hurting the local businesses. >> reporter: one bright spot, the threat of closure has forced some of the regulars to come to b restaurant and that has improved business today. in oakland, sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. former oakland mayoral candidate don perrata added his vote to those who are criticizing mayor quan for her dealing with the occupy protest. >> this is a political error in judgment and the whole city is suffering for it. >> reporter: the former state senate president protemp said he would never have allowed camping downtown. he would have shown solidarity by removing local funds. he says he has no intention of running for a political office
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again. we have posted an unedited clip of our interview with perrata. just look on our website and a link on in phoenix, herman cain addressed the accusations after a woman came forward. biolock said cain groped her in the car. he says he didn't even recognize biolick when he saw her on tv. >> the charges and accusations are absolutely reject. they simply didn't happen. >> reporter: cain said he is not going to withdraw from the presidential raáeus in his words, ain't going -- presidential race in his words, ain't going to happen. and karen croshour works for the treasury department, she came forward today and says she stands by the complaint she makes. he also says she wants to hold
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a news conference along with the other women who claim that cain harassed them. and we're ready for another cool night tonight. these were the highs from today. notice the 64 in santa rosa, 60 in vallejo. the real story around here will be the overnight lows, right now in santa rosa it's 42. napa 43, there will be frost in these inland bay valleys and there will be freezing temperatures or near freezing temperatures in the north bay and east bay inland bay valleys. forecast lows, 37 in downtown santa rosa. 36 in napa, it'll be closer once you get out of town you will find temperatures around 33 or 32 degrees. 43 in concord, 44 in fremont. that is a cold start to your day. as we go through the next 48 hours things change around this weather system comes in. when i come back in a little bit we're going to talk about rain in the forecast. we'll see you back here. >> back to our election
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coverage. we start in vallejo where mayor davis is looking for reelection. davis is running against joanne schivley and at this hour she has a slight lead. nuwark is likely to have a new mayor since 1966. nagy has fallen behind in the race after 16 terms. and here is some of the other races in the area. hundreds of lay offs at a silican valley, the reconstruction and how many jobs that company plans to
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we have new numbers for you on the san francisco district attorney's race. 100% of precincts are now reporting. george gascon is holding on to the lead. ross mirkarimi is holding on to the lead as the san francisco sheriff. adobe systems says it plans to cut 750 jobs. adobe says the cuts are part of a restructuring to focus on media and marketing. they fell 7% in after hours
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trading to $7.30. consumer report is publishing its new report for smart phones. on top of the list they put the droid. also on the list the new i phone 4s scores higher than the i phone four because of better reseupgs, an upgraded camera and siris voice command feature -- better reception, an upgraded camera and sirius voice command feature. the tax would apply to commercial property, the board on the measure is being collected by a mail in ballot. all ballots must be received by the county by the end of the day next tuesday november 18. a leak in the pipeline has created a smelly situation for homeowners. the leak started yesterday in concord in the old naval
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weapons station. the almost 200-mile long pipeline carries oil to the conoco phillip refinery in rodeo. folks who live near by say the smell of sulfur in the air is powerful. >> we came out here to the kitchen and patio and just very difficult to breathe and very unconfidentable, very strong. >> reporter: county health fishes say while the smell is annoying it does not pose a significant health risk. conoco phillips has not said how much oil leaked from the pipeline. the company says it is covering the excavated soil with tarps to minimize the smell. hip hop legend heavy d died after collapsing outside his beverly hills home. heavy d was born dwight myers. he died of a medical problem, foul play was not suspected.
10:29 pm
heavy d was just 44 years old. the last message he sent out this morning on twitter read simply be inspired. our election 2011 coverage continues right after the break. we now have some numbers on local propositions. plus -- >> reporter: ed lee has just arrived at the sh era ton palace hotel where he's hoping to have a victory celebration. we'll have a live report. ?
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taking a look now at updated numbers from the mayor's race with 100% of precincts now reporting, ed lee has 31%, and john avalos has
10:32 pm
19%. this race will be decided by rank choice vote. ed lee just arrived and ktvu's ken wayne has been there all night long and tell us what's going on, ken. >> reporter: ed lee is now on stage we expect he's going to come here and speak in just a few minutes. mc hammer is introducing some of the key speakers that will go on before ed lee. we talked to some ed lee supporters and talked ant the latest numbers and they said they like what they see so far. >> i'm sure the numbers will narrow a little bit but it looks good for us. >> this party again hosted by willie brown. he is no longer in office but there's still a perception at least that he pulls a lot of strings in san francisco politics. we asked him about that but he down played any role of king makers. >> my role in this city hasn't
10:33 pm
changed in 45, 50 years. many of the people who are part of my success have passed on. bill burton, george mosconi, joe alioto, they've since passed on. and remembering all of them is the reason why i still do what i do. >> reporter: there's a popular internet video out there that was made with willie brown and others it's called too legit to quit featuring mc hammer. mc hammer is here tonight. we asked him why he got involved in this campaign. >> to be political is to be kind of the master of your own destiny, right. so if you want to see things happen, things change, if you want to sit down at the seat of decision and be a part of those decisions then you have to participate in the political process. >> reporter: right now you are looking at a live picture of former san francisco mayor
10:34 pm
willie brown talking to the crowd here at the garden court in the sh era ton palace hotel. in a few minutes we expect ed lee to come out and address the audience. of course he is not the winner, not yet any way. folks here are hoping he wins, this is an ed lee celebration. we're just going to have to wait and see how it all plays out. if ed lee comes here in the next few minutes we will bring it to you live. ken wayne, ktvu. san francisco voters are deciding on a number of ballot measures including a pair of bond measures. proposition a would allow san francisco schools to issue more than $500 million in bond to maintain and repair schools. it requires 55% to pass and is well over that park. prop b is a measure to repair streets and sidewalks and it's over the 2/3 majority needed to pass. two competing pension reform measures are also on the ballot. prop c would increase employee contributions to their
10:35 pm
pensions, raise retirement able age and save the city 1.3 million. you can see it's passing by a wide margin. prop b is the stronger of the two measures it would save $1.7 billion in pension costs over the next 10 years and it is currently going down to defeat. two more san francisco measures would affect the political process. prop e would allow city supervisors or the mayor to remand or repeal a measure that the board or mayor put on the ballot under certain circumstances. it is going down to defeat. prop f which would make a number of changes to the consultant ordnance is also losing. both of these measures needed a simple majority to pass. san francisco voters are also deciding on a new sales tax. the tax would be half a percent to collect money for schools and seniors. right now you can see there it
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is nowhere near toward clearing that hurdle. voters are passing prop h. it would require the school district and give priority to those with siblings in the same school or who live near by. right now it was up by 51%. we want to take you back to san francisco and the race for mayor where ed lee has just taken the stage. >> obviously we're -- there we go. i really thank you from the bottom of my heart and from all of us that we worked so hard to make sure the city is so open to everybody. to make sure that we continue the success that this city knows so well and i want you to know that i'm going to work tomorrow, tired or not because this city is worth every sacrifice. thanks for being here tonight.
10:37 pm
>> i know many of you are wondering how did this come about? because it's not a -- ed lee had a campaign. ed lee had a campaign celebration tonight. and i know all of you are wondering, you saw the logo, the logo said thank god this campaign is over. well there's one man who i have had the great pleasure of knowing, i was introduced to him by alex turk and this man said, i want to be involved in trying to make ed lee the mayor of the city for the next four to eight years and i want to pull all of my friends who have ever been involved in politics
10:38 pm
of any fashion. i want to bring my luminaries like mc hammer, will-i-am and others to participate. and i want to raise lots of money to see that that happens. mr.mayor, how would you advise me to do that? i said stay away from ed lee's campaign. start with that. because the limits were so incredibly oppressive that you wouldn't ever be able to achieve what you need to achieve and low and behold he did exactly that. he did a vertical option electronically. he helped produce all of those commercials that you saw that ed lee was a part of accept those produced by the ed lee operation. he got mc hammer and others to do all they could do. and i'm talking about a man who
10:39 pm
is -- >> you have been watching live coverage here. former mayor willie brown and current mayor ed lee. this is a party being held at the palace hotel in downtown san francisco. the latest results as we've been telling you have current mayor ed lee up by 13 percentage points over the second place runner right now and that's john avalos. >> since he doesn't have 50% of the vote it will be chosen by rank choice voting. we want to bring back in for more analysis, you asked faculty member cory cook. what do you make of the mayor's race to come down to rank choice voting. how long will it take before we know who won? >> i think it'll be tomorrow. the department of elections will release the first rank voting tomorrow afternoon. i think we'll have a good sense then. it's still a long road for john avalos to catch up.
10:40 pm
in the last days of the election there was a coalition forming between supervisor avalos and dennis herr era. with such a deep field, you know it is going to be difficult to see this race tighten considerably but you know i think we would have said that on election night last year and a lot of us are predicting that we be talking about mayor don perrata in oakland and voters preferred jean quan. i think tomorrow we'll know pretty definitively how this will go. >> let's stay on this subject because let's look at the other two races. the race for sheriff and race for district attorney. george gascon is up by 20. do you think in particular -t in l y -- particularly in the race for sheriff that we'll see a new winner with rank choice. >> i think there was a lot of
10:41 pm
putting miamoto first on your ballot. i suppose that race will tighten substantially. it's hard to tell if that's going to change at all. the way tallying votes, they recount the ballots again and eliminate the third choice vote. i think it'll play out differently frankly if miamoto is the one who's at thirty. or chris cunley is at third i think it will be a significant affect on the election. >> we're going to let you go back to the numbers, you are pouring over them and we'll go back to you later in the
10:42 pm
newscast. we went to protesters at occupy san francisco to see if they went to vote. >> i am not going to vote. i think what we're doing here is much more important. >> i voted for john avalos because i support his view for community healing and the welfare of the people who aren't working right now who haven't been able to get job. >> avalos because why i think he's the most liberal leaning and in extreme times i'm willing to go as far left as possible. >> reporter: other occupy protesters we spoke with talked to the need to help the poor and provide more money for education. it is an incredible sight, the notoriously active volcano that's erupting again and what lies in its path. and a county is reeling after a devastating fire claim it is life of five people. but first election reporting from two bay area cities considering tax hikes on this election day.
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oakland police are learning more on the sexual assault of a 16-year-old female. the female was walking around 10:30 friday night. she was forced into a van, sexually attacked and let go hours later. she described her attacker as an african american male in his 20s, light complex and thin beard. he had a plaque van with no windows or license plates. we're learning more about a car accident. the two victims were a mother and daughter. they were in a silver dodge durango that was broadsided by
10:46 pm
a toyota pickup. a 32-year-old walnut creek man was driving the pickup. he was injured but is expected to survive. an accident on highway 101 in san francisco left a motorcyclists dead this afternoon. it happened in the northbound lanes near the vermont street exit about a quarter to 3:00. the accident also tied up three of the four lanes of traffic. in news of the world tonight in vienna the atomics agency says it has evidence that iran is trying to develop a nuclear weapon but says iran has not yet built a nuclear war head. iran says that its nuclear program is simply for energy. in syria the military today bombarded the city that's the base of the uprising against the president. 3,500 people have died since
10:47 pm
that protest against the regime began in mid-march. now there are signs that protesters are doing more than marching on the streets, some are arming themselves and fighting back. and in the democratic republican of congo the most active volcano in africa is spewing again. sometimes the eruptions go on for months. so far the lava is not flowing toward any populated area. the sol volcano is located at a national park that is home to 200 endangered gorilla's. residents are looking for answers in the town of marina. >> reporter: this is the fire damaged facility in marina. a house has been converted for a home for the mentally disabled. the care givers got out but the
10:48 pm
people they cared for didn't. investigators are yet to find a cause for the blaze. a fire that started at a front bedroom where two of the patients lived. a grieving mother tells us tonight she needs to know what happened. >> to find out where monica was at the time. if she was in bed, did she get up to try and help? >> reporter: connie cruz says her daughter monica calderon was 24 but had the mind of an 8- year-old. the others who died were from 22 to 26 several were not able to walk on their own. cruz says her daughter had lived here for 12 years. >> she would always try to help others. she was you could say like a motherly type to younger kids than her. >> reporter: tonight at the start of the marina city council meeting there was a moment of silence for the victims. >> these four people with
10:49 pm
disabilities, these were citizens. this community has responded in a mass fashion. >> i hope we stay available to the pamlys in the upcoming months and years if there's anything we can do in the community. >> reporter: friends of the owners say the home was first licensed to care for children. but as they moved into adulthood, the owners changed this license so they could continue to care for them. >> i'm still in shock, you know i just don't understand why it happened. >> reporter: a public memorial service is scheduled for thursday night. the families are planning their own services for their loved ones. live in marina, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. friends of a daily city man are fighting tonight to try and prevent him from being deported on saturday. jose lagrojo has spent his entire adult life in the u.s. the 31-year-old came from the philippines with his family 16
10:50 pm
years ago requesting political asylum. immigration officials have denied his long sought asylum request. >> the hardest part i think is you know not having to get a good night sleep, every night. and thinking about you know what will be my future if i have to go. >> reporter: lebrojo says his company is sponsoring him to be a legal resident and that his wife is in the united states on a work visa. his friends plan to hold a candlelight vigil in front of the mayor's office asking her to help. -- talk show host ellen degenerer is the new envoy to
10:51 pm
help. a cold night tonight in many bay area locations and some rain in the bay area forecast. take a look at what we're talking about. we have a weather system out in the pacific, it has some juice if you will. it's going to to get here thursday night late early friday morning. here's the computer model 8:00, here we are thursday morning. still fine, right. thursday the clouds start to increase late thursday. and there you see the system, 8:00 thursday night. still offshore and here it shows up about 4:00 a.m. friday morning. that is your morning commute. at least as wet for your morning commute. there you are 7:00 a.m. on friday. scattered showers behind that. so, looks like rain overnight thursday into friday with friday afternoon scattered showers. tomorrow, just like today but warmer, forecast highs 65 in
10:52 pm
napa, 65 in vallejo, 66-in fairfield. 66 in richmond. lots of upper 60s tomorrow. temperatures above average, probably the warmest day and then things start to trend down as that front gets closer and closer. 68 in pacifica, just a real nice day tomorrow. thursday you have rain, your morning commute looks wet, your afternoon compute looks showery. en enjoy your next couple of days because it does get cold. and protesters cross the picket line what they're angry about and how it could affect students in the bay area. and now a look at the measure e in palo alto, how it could turn a piece of land into
10:53 pm
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ow! [ male announcer ] when life happens, you need a plan you can count on. 3.4 million californians trust us with their health coverage needs. blue shield. [ smack! ] [ insects buzzing ] [ male announcer ] when life happens, you need a plan you can count on. 3.4 million californians trust us with their health coverage needs. blue shield. the california state university system says it doesn't have the money. it's faculty says it's not true and they want pay that's owed to them. ken pritchett tells us how csu faculty picketed it at all 23
10:56 pm
campuses across the state today in protest. >> reporter: 99% is the cry of occupy protesters but this is not an occupy event. dozens of san francisco state faculty took to the picket line on 19th avenue to protest everything from pay to declining teaching conditions due to budget cuts. >> a class that i might have had 30 students in, maybe 35 now is running about 50 50 students. we want people to understand that the system is now broken. >> reporter: deriotus joined this union picket. the union says csu reneged on negotiations two years ago. >> we did the work for which we were expecting to get those wages and those wages were withheld. in other words that's known as wage theft. >> reporter: but the csu say it is state cut more than half a
10:57 pm
billion dollars from the csu system. >> today $20 million in raises when we're receiving such massive cuts is fiscally irresponsible for the universities. >> reporter: the possibility of $100 million more, today it was a picket on november 17th faculty at two csu campus. - - campus. >> tim: go on strike. university of california president is calling on the state to increase funding after regents to approve a request from the state from the upcoming school year. 430million more than this year. most of the funds will be hired. we are staying on an extra
10:58 pm
half hour tonight to bring you all of the news. up next more election 2011 coverage. the party is over but mayor ed lee has declared victory. the mandate the mayor say it is voters have given him.
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